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About the Hollywood Stunt Driving Experience

Rick Seaman is the Head Trainer and owner of the Hollywood Stunt Driving Experience. Rick's own experience with training stunt drivers goes back to the late sixties, and then in 1997 Rick opened the Rick Seaman Stunt Driving School. The school has trained over 2,200 stunt drivers, actors, security drivers, tactical drivers, and teen defensive drivers.

When Rick was first approached to create a stunt driving program for corporate clients, he found that all the necessary elements were already in place, the cars, the maintenance, the safety equipment and a staff that has been with Rick for twenty one years. "We had all the tools in our back pockets", according to Rick, "and after the very first corporate event, we realized we had an instant winner.

Corporate clients who participate in the HSDE events are not only treated to an unforgettable driving experience, they are also afforded the opportunity to apply executive skills such as competitiveness, team building, focus, and risk assessment.

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