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Your big day begins with a welcome and a briefing from the master of motion picture stunt driving, Rick Seaman.  Then it's time to "suit up and strap in" and meet your personal one-on-one trainer. From there, it goes like this:

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A hair-raising stunt car chase ride-along with your trainer to include flying slides, near misses, 180 spins, drift cornering and a perfect 90 degree slide into a parking space.

  ————  (3)  ————
Rick Seaman will then give you a brief "tech session" on how to perform the Hollywood 180 power spin, using main brake, "E" brake and throttle.

  ————  (4)  ————
Clients pair up with their trainers for an in-car demonstration of the Hollywood 180.

  ————  (5)  ————
Clients take the wheel and learn the "Hollywood 180 Stunt".


Welcome to the Hollywood Stunt Driving Experience

The Hollywood Stunt Driving Experience (HSDE) is a one-of-a-kind corporate adventure where your executives and associates have a day as a Hollywood Stunt Driver!

HSDE is fully insured and provides top shelf safety in its vehicles and at its event locations.



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Roll Cameras

and ...Action!


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Next, the clients learn to go "hot" to the mark and perform the 180 spin while encircling an obstacle barrel and then powering out of it with tires smoking and motor screaming.  From there, they are shown how to combine speed with control as they slide into the "extreme stop zone" without hitting any obstacles.

  ————  (7)  ————
After a catered lunch in "the pits", all clients are now ready to
perform the Fast and Furious Stunt Race, using all the skills and moves they've learned, and to see who gets the trophy for "Top Stunt Eliminator".

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